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This Webtree is currently under construction .

Recently discovered documents from Rhode Island have confirmed that John and Elenor Conklin are indeed the earliest known Patriarch and Matriarch for this family and we are excited to move forwward with this confirmation in hopes of uncovering more details about their lives.

BACKGROUND:  There are about 16 Conklin descendants of various lines and branches that have joined together to provide information for this tree.  Most have matched YDNA results through Familytree.com and share John Conklin of Westchester as a common ancestor. As we move forward with this tree,  those branches may reflect more depth than others, but our ultimate goal is to provide as much information for the 17th, and 18th century Conklin generations as we can find.

If you have Conklin roots you wish to investigate or Conklin genealogy you wish to share please contact us by email through Geninfo.  Members of our team are actively researching various family connections and may have info that could assist you. 

We hope that by making this tree public we will encourage others who are working on their Conklin genealogy to join us in building a solid research based family tree for all Conklin descendants.

Thank you.

The Conklin Webtree Team

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